Secure & Private

Instant, Free & Secure

Meetings Made Easy

No download or account required. Runs on any web browser on any device, including mobile (beta).

Easily schedule or start an instant meeting

Runs on any web browser on desktop or mobile

Link to your Google or Outlook calender

openmeet is 100% free to use - no time restrictions or per-user billing..

100% free. Yes, free.

Utilise your PC, webcam and screen to enable your own video conferencing 

Video-enable any room for less

Use any Windows-based PC/Camera with the openmeet rooms software. A huge cost saving over expensive bespoke hardware.

Hardware agnostic

Our solution is powered by open-source software with a passionate community delivering continuous improvement.

Based upon open-source

Everything you need to know to create your openmeet rooms:

Use any existing Windows PC 

or budget approx $600 for a

PC/webcam/mic & wireless keyboard.

Unbeatable Value

Mix and match or standardise on any Windows compatible cameras/mics/speakers.

Flexible Hardware

Easily create virtual meeting rooms with an intuitive interface your users are already familiar with.

So Easy to Use

Use a wireless keyboard with trackpad. More cost-effective than an iPad.

Keyboard Controlled

Wirelessly share your laptop/PC screen with all participants.

Simple Screen Sharing

Stay on schedule with real-time calendar
sync and tap-to-join in-progress meetings

Calendar Integration

Create, deploy and manage your openmeet rooms remotely.

Central Management*

Automatically updates with the latest version - so maintenance-free.

Auto Updates

* Coming soon

Security & privacy is core to the openmeet platform

Utilise our encrypted, secure cloud or use your own for ultimate privacy. Nobody can intercept your calls or listen to your recordings.

Our cloud architecture is built for scale and privacy

Quality of service is critical for video conferencing so openmeet has been built utilising open source software that has been developed over seventeen years for large scale corporate deployments. 

Your data is encrypted and stored securely within Amazon Web Services.

For unquestionable security, chat to us about our solution to host within your own cloud infrastructure.

Same experience across all devices

Whether you're on your desktop PC/laptop, your tablet or your mobile, you'll receive the same openmeet experience. This enables super-fast adoption rates and minimal support requests.

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